Fun in the Sun

Howdy y’all!!! It’s been a while, how’s everyone doing?

I’m in California for an internship this summer, and Cali’s been a lot of fun. I’ve been exploring and taking in everything San Diego has to offer. I’ve taken a lot of pictures, so I’m going to give a brief description and links to the albums.

I went to the zoo early into my internship because everyone told me that SD has the best zoo in the country. I made sure to take lots of pictures. There were pandas, lemurs, birds, giraffes, KOALAS, and pandas.The zoo was more fun than I thought it would be.

I also visited LA for a weekend, so I got to see the Hollywood sign. It was cool. I also went to Six Flags while up in LA.

I got to have a surfing lesson. It’s a lot harder than it looks and surprisingly tiring. But it was still fun. How could surfing not be fun?

And the créme de la créme: SKYDIVING!!!!!!!!!!!! So much fun! I think everyone should do it.

Check out the albums to see more. I hope you guys have been having a good summer. See you soon,

PS. Anyone want a Google+ invite?

And I think to myself… what a wonderful world

Hello Everyone! I hope your summer is going well! I know mine has been extraordinary! God is amazing!

My exciting summer started at Summit with my MIT fam! After Summit I had a week or so of pretty chill time in Boston, during which I must have helped a million people move out (ok more like 15), drove to New York for dinner, volunteered at Commencement (congratulations class of 2011!), went to the biggest party ever (MIT 150!), and spent some quiet time with God before heading out to Israel!
My trip to Israel was amazing! I am actually at a loss of words for how to explain how amazing it really was. For those who know me well, that is amazing in itself! But before I even try, I must thank all of you that supported me, financially and through prayer, in going to Israel. It was truly a life-changing experience, and I owe it to you for investing in me and making this pilgrimage possible. 
Again … I really don’t know where to start. I apologize now if this entry is a little long and scattered. I definitely can’t fit everything into one entry, so I might make another one. Anyways, please find me and ask me questions. But beware, once I get started… (lol). There are more pictures here, and soon on facebook. And here is a cool article I am mentioned in! 
In coming to Israel, I had to pray and trust God more than ever before. When I first heard about the trip, I didn’t even have a passport! For me, this trip was God driven from the beginning. I knew He was paving the way for me to go on the trip, so I wanted to be sure I was submitting to His will. I realized that I knew relatively little about Israel. I only knew tidbits from verses I had skimmed over in the Bible, and I knew even less about its current condition. Thankfully, I was given the book God Keeps Covenant by Wendy D. Beckett. By reading the devotional, I began to understand God’s covenant with Israel as well as His love for Israel. I became very excited to have the opportunity to visit such a rich and blessed nation. My prayer before leaving Boston was that Father God would give me His heart for Israel that I might not act according to my weakness and shortsightedness, but that I “may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge that [I] may be filled up with all the fullness of God.”


So, I went with Breaker of Dawn Ministries, along with 13 other young adults, warriors in Christ, and future leaders, on a mission trip to Israel.  The purpose of the trip was for us to understand more about the eternal promises of the Bible as well as to learn the significance of Israel to the Christian faith. We did over the course of 8 days, what some do in months in Israel. Highlights of the trip include going to Israel’s independence hall, praise and worship on the beach (and lots of other places), going to the Mount of Beatitutes,   a 4 hour jeep ride, all night prayer meetings, praying for rain (and it later raining!), baptism in the Jordan, praying for Sudanese refugees, worship on the sea of Galilea, floating on the Dead Sea, riding camels, entertaining Holocaust survivors, going to the garden of Gethsetheme, quiet time in the Mount of Olives, going to the western wall, and praying in the upper room (the room where they believe Christ and the disciples had the last supper). Shout out to our amazing guide Tisha and bus driver Shabi!

During my trip to Israel I learned a ton about Israel, its history and present, myself, and about God and His majesty. But what impacted me most was His presence. I don’t know whether to attribute it to being in Israel, being surrounded by such great men and women of God, or simply the action taking about a week to drop everything else and to seek Him (I suspect it’s a combination of the three with the addition of His grace), but while in Israel I felt God’s presence so constantly, heard his voice so much clearer, and felt his touch so much greater than I ever had before. I am so honored and humbled that the God, by whose tongue the universe was birthed, would place His hand on my life, speak to me, and even allow me to enter His presence. How awesome is our God!
I know that God is real, and He is so much greater than I, or anyone else, can ever imagine. He is such a brilliant God. My pastor was referencing a friend of his when he said something along the lines of: “we are playing checkers while God is playing three dimensional chess.” God’s plan and what he has in store completely blows my mind and is the cause of much excitement! Something that I learned is that God actually desires to use us, and if we only submit to Him, the sky is not even the limit; it becomes a springboard upon which we jump into Abba’s loving arms.


It is easily apparent to me that my life will never be the same. It can’t, nor will I allow it. After seeing God and His word so manifest, how can I walk away unchanged. I have a new fire for God and his kingdom, and a new love for his people, Jewish and Gentile, and a new passion to share with nations the Glory of my God and the Magnificence of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Knowing that through Jesus Christ, God made a new covenant with the peoples of this world, His Children (his chief and most prized possession); that God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our sins, and if we but believe in Him, we shall not perish, but we will have everlasting life! If I learned nothing else through my pilgrimage of Israel, I learned that God Keeps Covenant, exceedingly and abundantly above all we can think or imagine! Hallelujah!

One Month Out!

Hi MIT IV! So much has happened since we last saw each other, so I figured I’d do one mega-post to talk about it all. If you want more detail on anything, just comment and say so 🙂

So first…I graduated! This is me and Susan Hockfield, and then me and Petek.

After graduation we went to spend a week with some of our relatives in New Hampshire and New York. This included watching my cousin play softball, touring a submarine with Peter, defending ourselves from mosquitoes, and playing in the cold Maine ocean and seeing more cousins.

Then I made it back to Colorado, and had 24 hours to go through my room and get everything ready for the moving truck. It was tight, but I did manage to make it! Since then I’ve been going on hikes with the family, and going shopping for cars…

Then last week, I headed out East again for Heather’s wedding. I flew to Nashville and road tripped up to Pittsburgh, camping along the way. I was in the wedding, so I don’t have many pictures (a bridesmaid snapping pictures is a little tacky), but I got this from a friend. Hopefully more will trickle through facebook soon 🙂

Now I have a week more at home before I move to Cincinnati! It’s exciting and crazy at the same time. If you would, please pray that I would be able to get everything done I need to, I wouldn’t forget anything, for wisdom in buying a car, and for safe travel to Cincy.

I miss you all!

First Post! ^_^

Hi everyone! I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the summer! The past few weeks have been really really nice in Lodi, with temperatures in the 90s. Today my sister and I went to a history museum in town to teach a yarn spinning class. (I personally have no idea how to spin yarn, but my sister is really good with that kind of stuff, so I was her photographer. ^_^)

Valerie teaching the kids how to prepare the wool to spin.
After she was done teaching the class, we went exploring around the other areas near the museum (which is a small part of a huge park/zoo area) and found a really pretty Japanese garden! 

My sister and I liked hanging out by the bamboo.
It was a lot bigger than we expected and there were several nice koi ponds, including the one underneath the really cool red bridge.

Lastly… I get to hang out with my doggie over the summer! She likes the camera. 🙂


Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! Can’t wait to see you guys in the fall!