Welcome to MIT-IV! We’re looking at you, Class of 2026 – congratulations on your recent admittance 🙂 We’re so excited that you’re here! MIT-IV is a community at MIT in which you can explore the Christian faith and experience God’s love. We welcome you all – seeker, skeptic, and believer – to join us as we discover who Jesus is and how the news of His life, death, and resurrection is really the greatest news of all.

Come check out some of our events!

In light of campus moving online for the year, we’d be especially excited if you join us on our (concerningly active) Slack channel or one of the many calls as we fellowship across space a n d  t i m e.

Get in Touch

Email & Location
Drop us a note to the right or email us at mitiv-exec at mit.edu. We're excited to hear from you!

If you would like a private conversation, please don't hesitate to reach out to Judy Richie, MIT-IV's staff, at judy.richie at intervarsity.org.

You can also find us sometimes in building W11 (Building of Religious Life at MIT) across from Maseeh.